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Shadow Fight 3 is the third part of the popular “Shadow Fight” game series. There are several unique features of the game that will keep you hooked to the screens. You begin the game by creating and customizing your gaming character. You will be provided with several options to select, so create your avatar carefully. You have approximately 8 options to select for hair styles, face types, hair colors, etc. Spend some time with them and create a unique gaming character also do not hesitate to try out Shadow Fight 3 Hack.

Game Plot:
There is a mix of PvP as well as PvE battles in which you can play several quest modes, tournaments, and duels against opponents. When you win the battle, you can earn powerful weapons, armor, and innumerable amount of in-game currencies, you can also earn currency by using Shadow Fight 3 Cheats. Moreover, you will be given ranks based on how well you performed in the battlefield.

There are several side quests that are accessible in the game. You can participate in them to win innumerable rewards in form of in-game currencies, equipment, and experience. When you win a duel, the reward that you earn is Chests. These chests contain several moves, equipment, perks, and gaming currencies.

The controls of the game are very simple and a new gamer can learn them quickly. There are three buttons that are used in combat; namely, kick, punch, and Shadow mode.

In-Game Currencies:
Coins and Gems are the two important currencies of the game. Both of the currencies can be generated with Shadow Fight 3 Hack. Coins can be used for buying Card Packs from the in-game shop. These Card Packs consists of items such as armors, weapons, power-ups, etc.

Gems can be used for buying premium Card Packs and for unlocking Chests instantly. The premium Card Packs consists of special items that cannot be acquired by spending Coins.

Some Ways To Acquire Coins And Gems Are Listed Below including Shadow Fight 3 Hack:

When you complete a level in the game, you earn these currencies.
You can buy them by spending real world money.
Complete numerous missions, achievements and side quests for acquiring currencies.
Playing dual against other gamers can make you earn Coins. However, the amount of Coins that you will earn is based on the dual rating of your gaming character. The more dual rating, the better will be your earnings!
When you subscribe and follow the social media channels of the game, you will earn rewards. Some of the channels that you can follow are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Occasionally, you may come across tasks that are shared by TapJoy. Complete them to earn Gems instantly.
Generate innumerable amount of Coins and Gems by using Shadow Fight 3 hack
Shadow Energy:
The most interesting and exclusive feature of the game is the Shadow Energy. When a gamer uses this feature, the gaming character will turn into a shadow and dealing with them will get tougher. By activating the Shadow mode, you will be able to launch powerful attacks against the opponent and move quickly. However, before you activate the mode, ensure that you have complete knowledge about all weapons and armor so that you can use them swiftly and effectively.

Card Packs:
Card Packs can be purchased from the game store by spending in-game currencies. There are several Card Packs available for sale and depending on your budget, you can buy them. These packs contain several items that can be used for upgrading your gaming character and enhancing the game. The Card Packs are bifurcated into common, rare, epic, and legendary packs. For obvious reasons, the epic and legendary packs contain several rare items and can be purchased by spending Gems (don’t worry gems can easily be generated with Shadow Fight 3 Hack). These special packs will provide you with numerous premium items that will boost your gameplay considerably.

Five Main Characters Of The Shadow Fight 3 Game:
Sarge is the final boss of Chapter 1 Legion. You must win three rounds in order to win boss battle with Sarge. He uses unique abilities like Hell Walk and Shadow form, so defeating him is tough. Once you destroy him completely, you will unlock Chapter II.

Itu is the main character of the game. His objective in the game is to protect the Shadow Sphere. June is helping him with his mission. To win the battle with Itu, you need to win two rounds in Chapter 1. As Itu is going to be invisible in both the rounds, destroying him is not going to be easy at all. You will come across Itu again in Chapter II, where you need to win three rounds. Before you start fighting with him, ensure that you have complete knowledge about Katana, the unique weapon that Itu uses in the battlefield.

Kibo is the last boss of Chapter 2. She is a Herald and the main character in Chapter II. Her favorite weapon is the Katana. Whenever she wants to enhance her running skills, she makes use of the shadow ability. Defeating her is not easy as along with the shadow ability, she makes use of an additional shadow sword that will throw your gaming character up in the air and perform a deadly combo. This skill will take away more than half of your health and make you vulnerable to her attacks.

She is the main character of the game who works along with Itu. You will meet her for the first time in Chapter I as she will save you from Deng Rao. Next, she will accompany you as an assistant and help you with your progress in the game.

Deng Rao:
He is the first boss that you will encounter in Chapter I Legion. He is the warlord of Dynasty. Deng Rao is the person who initiates an attack to the Legion factions by attacking the Shadow Squad.

Listed below are some effective tips and tricks that you could use to make your Shadow Fight 3 game simpler:

When you activate the Shadow Energy, ensure that you are standing away from the opponent so that they do not block or interrupt your shadow move.
If your opponent is stronger than you and you are unable to handle him, then stand still in the game. This will cause your gaming character to block and allow you to avoid taking damages from the opponent. This feature will even give you some time to prepare for the next attack.
Swap your weapons and armor so that you can make use of equipment that have higher stats. Powerful weapons will help you to progress well in the game.
There are innumerable weapons, armor, abilities, skills, etc. available in the game. Gaining knowledge on each of them is important. The best way to make use of all of them effectively is by practicing. You can make use of the training mode to practice the fighting skills well so that you can achieve success in the game.
Upgrade your equipment often so that you can enhance your attacks and defense. Upgraded weapons will help you in fighting with opponents that are extremely powerful.
To conclude, Shadow Fight 3 is an engrossing online game with innumerable characters, weapons, and unique skills. Once you start playing the game, you will surely get addicted to it. The game has acquired 5 out of 5 stars on the rating chart. So, go for it and also try the Shadow Fight 3 Hack as well!

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